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Expertise: Arcelik is a major producer of household appliances in Europe. It has extensive R&D experience and well equipped facility to design and evaluate the performance of electronic control boards, as well as experience in materials sciences and chemistry. Arcelik is active in six major appliance branches: washing machines, dishwashers, stoves & ovens, dryers, refrigerators and TVs. Arcelik R&D has broad experience in project management, and an annual project portfolio of more than 30 million euros. Project experience includes multinational R&D project partnerships.

Role: Coordinator of the BONACO project. It will provide appliance electronic control boards for nanocoating and the necessary reliability and functional tests, using tools such as “six sigma” to create a suitable test model. Arcelik will also evaluate all the test results and decide on the suitability of the nanotechnological coating material and the method of its application to the electronic boards.

NIC – National Institute of Chemistry 

Expertise: NIC is the Slovenian research institution in the field of chemistry and related disciplines. Activities in the Laboratory for Spectroscopy of Materials (NIC) involve the development of organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gel materials for the modification of various surfaces, preparation of anticorrosion coatings, spectrally selective paints for solar absorbers for thermal collectors, lithium intercalation compounds, lithium ion conductors, redox electrolytes for dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical Graetzel solar cells and proton conductive membranes for fuel cells. Transfer of knowledge to industrial partners in Slovenia and Europe.

Role: The role of NIC in the project will be synthesis and development of hybrid organic-inorganic precursors, the preparation of the corresponding anticorrosion coatings, detailed structural studies and assessments of their properties.


Expertise: Helios is the main production company of the Helios Group, one of the leading manufacturers of paints and resins in Central and South-Eastern Europe with approximately 3,000 employees in more than thirty companies in fourteen countries. Helios is specialized for the production of high-quality coatings, synthetic resins and powder coatings with main markets in the European Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States and South-East Europe. Our mission is to develop and offer intelligent, customer-tailored solutions and quality products, which enhance the appearance and prolong service life.

Role: Helios’ expertise in corrosion prevention makes it the crucial partner for organic anticorrosion coatings development as well as stability testing of both organic and sol-gel coatings. In the final stage of project industrial processes for coatings preparation and application will be developed at Helios.