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The aims of the BONACO project are to evaluate in detail the corrosion protective effect of nanocomposite coatings by evaluating their performance
and endurance by simulating the complex array of hazards encountered in the environment of electronic boards (EBs) in domestic appliances
(high humidity, corrosion and the presence of detergents and various gases).

The aim is to ensure corrosion inhibition of EBs equal to the lifespan of the white goods such as washers, by the protection of EBs with various
coatings onto the various metals encountered in EBs and an assessment of their corrosion inhibition  and studying the corresponding corrosion
phenomena . In the latter, the work will be done by using a variety of advanced analytical techniques and the results will be compared to salt spray
and humidity testing performed on complete EBs in order to evaluate the potential use of protected EBs in practical applications.